I thought the weird semi-week between Xmas and New Years would be a good time to let you know a few things.  So…here we go.

New Design

The Celeb Pic Section has been completely revised.  Go check it out.  And feel free to post criticism in here.  I am already probably going to swap the beige for gray, so don’t suggest that because it would just be copying.

And the main page here will be updated to match the final version of the pic area so wowsers!

New Writers

We have WoodRabbit (add her on G+) and Cramsey (I’m screwing her out of a link!) and maybe one other guy.  And since there are new shows coming on soon I’m shooting for some recaps.

Someone Won the Router!

Congratulations to RCV who won the router.  Unless they don’t email me back and then I will have to pick someone else.

Video Winners!

The winners of the Make a Video contest are:

  1. Robert Bodden (he wins the camera!)  You need to email me your deets so I can tell the people to send it to you.
  2. Julie Bee!  Your video made me lol and you get a subscription to Wevideo!
  3. Christy Ramsey!  Yours made me lol as well and you also get a subscription!

Comment Voting

We have a new thing that lets you vote up or down on people’s comments.  That means that we can probably bring back Comment of the Week.  So be funny and there might be something in it for you!