Yeah, I’m sticking with this acronym plan; watch out Dave!  I think SMB could catch on.  Seriously, I love Steve Miller Band and I heard this song the other day (on my Traveling Wilburys Pandora channel, if you can believe that!) and I had forgotten all about it.  It is such a fun lil song and there’s nothing wrong with that.  I would think my love for SMB would kill any perceptions I am a music snob.  So I’ve destroyed Acadia’s theory and ruined any good opinion Talen might have had of me.  That’s quite the artful move I just made there, eh?  Video and more riveting commentary after the jump.

If you watched the vid (and why the hell would you pass up an opportunity to hear SMB?) then I hope you loved the lack of punctuation and misspelling of “gonna” as much as I did.  The credits were a fine touch.