If you are looking for me to wade into the various controversies around the movie American Sniper you can forget it.  I don’t know whether being a sniper is good or bad or whether the dude was a liar or not.  I will say that his being dead sucks and I sort of hope that the guy who killed him and the other guy DOES turn out to have PTSD and gets out of the murder for it.  Because we Americans will talk all day about how bad PTSD is but if we have to worry that the person next to us at Dairy Queen might flip out and shoot us maybe we will DO something about it.

Anyway, my main reason for bringing the movie up at all is because, based on the banner pic, this fool, was a TERRIBLE sniper.  Look at him, just sitting there.  What’s he disguised as?  A sniper on a roof?  Worst disguise ever.  At least according to the gallery below.  It shows you a bunch of pictures and then shows you where the sniper is in the picture.  You will learn a couple things from it.

  1. Based on the landscapes in the pics, snipers probably kill a lot of hobbits and elves.
  2. If they taught everyone in the army hide like that, we would save a ton of money on bullets.  We could just wait til the enemy passes us, then jump up and hit him on the head with one of those old timey black jack things.  Efficient and thrifty.
  3. Seems like snipers could kill all the photographers they want and they would never see it coming.

These are definitely fun.    I got two right.  And remember: if you don’t find him, you are dead.  Actually, if you DO find him you are probably dead, too, since he is already aiming at you and you are just squinting into some trees like an idiot.

Oh, and click on the first pic so it pops up, then when you go to the next one the red circle just appears and makes you feel stupid.

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