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Now that I live outside NYC I assumed that there would never be a snow day again.  Trains don’t care about snow.  And all I take to work is two trains and my feet.  So I had resigned myself to having to work all the time since nothing cool ever happens to me.  Until this morning when apparently the biggest snow storm in the history of the sky aimed at the Northeast.  I am not sure why they started naming winter storms but this one is named Juno (I never did see that movie) and it could dump as much as three feet on NYC, Boston, etc.

Well first of all it isn’t going to be three feet.  But I think it will be significant and according to the mayor of NYC we should all be prepared.  So, being a good citizen, I went to Rite-Aid.  I got some mac and cheese, a flashlight, some batteries (I actually needed those before I heard about the snow) and a plunger (I have needs).  My apartment has a gas stove so if I lose power I can make the mac and cheese and lord it over my starving neighbors and if they try to attack me for it I will whip batteries at their heads until they leave.  I see no holes in this plan.

According to the Weather Service, the blizzard warning is in effect from Monday at 1PM to Wednesday at 12AM.  And that means I totally have to go to work tomorrow.  We might get sent home early (I doubt it) but I really doubt I will be making my MRI appointment Tuesday.  But I do expect to have power and Internet (otherwise things will go directly to boring) so that will be fun.  And we have lots of East Coast reporters like Cider (Boston) and Sangfroid (Maine).  The rest live in hot places like Florida so eff them.

I will update this as things move along and try to include some pics.   I might even let the other writers update the post unless they lose power.  Sangfroid may have pre-emptively turned his off so he can have more to complain about afterwards now that I think about it.  At any rate, I would expect the warm folks to hold down the fort in case Juno impregnates us with its snowy seed and fills us with frozen babies.

Oh and I have this so maybe I will just get loaded and start fights on twitter until my phone battery runs out!  HAPPY BLIZZARD!


Update: 8:08 PM EST – Hartsdale, NY

It is not doing crap.  Not even snowing right now.  We are in the lull.  I’m not complaining, but I will be if it doesn’t get really bad later.  I am super cozy and have ZERO things to worry about.  I even already ate so now I honestly have nothing to do but hang out and wait to see if it really snows or not.  Here are some pics from earlier.  I will take some more if anything good happens.

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Update: 8:22 EST – Maine Wilderness

Monday the fishermen started showing up in the stores. If you’ve seen The Perfect Storm there’s a bit where they stock the galley that doesn’t give you the aroma of fishermen shopping. You can tell they’re pro because the rubber boots are folded down just right. What it means is the big boats are running for open water. When the fishermen stock up on bread and milk it’s gonna be a bad one. So far the power is still on. We have dog food and lamp oil to go with the obligatory bread and milk. I’m not sure I’m going to be plowed out till spring. I was trying to get a photo of Charlotte looking like a poster child for Bring Them In but she was at the door two seconds after her business was done.