holy crap - there is another, invisible Earth right next to ours!

holy crap - there is another Earth right next to ours! How did we not notice this before?

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t me – but rather astronaut Sunita Williams.  While the other astronauts were busy doing experiments and talking to the aliens that run our planet’s political system from behind the scenes, she was wasting our taxpayer dollars taking pictures out the window like a common tourist!  But lucky for us she did, because the pics are pretty frigging cool.  It isn’t like you haven’t seen pics of the Earth from space before, but these got emailed to me in a power point.  Why do people use power point so much?  I was gonna go through all the trouble of actually LOADING the power point into this post, but then I thought: power point sucks.  It may be good for explaining things in a meeting (and yeah, it is really good for that) but not as a way to show people pics in an email.  Or maybe it is because I get a shit ton of them.  Or maybe you should shut up and look at the cool pictures.  Or I should.  Ugh.  I suck at ending things.  Jessica Biel is hot!