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So, was that a twist or how would Trump classify it?

So, I’m fairly certain that I’m one of the last remaining viewers Trump has reeled in for Celebrity Apprentice. What does that have to do with anything? Man needs to try something to kick this show back into gear. Some kind of twist is surely coming our way. When the show appeared to be grinding to a halt with 45 minutes to go as Brian McKnight found himself involved in one of the lamer firings imaginable (you want to be fired? sure. you’re fired), I figured maybe Trump had that ace up his sleeve.

Or, maybe, at the very least, Joan Rivers was threatening to let Dennis Rodman know a thing or two about causing a scene as she had already broken a glass and threatened to leave.

No. None of that. Instead, Trump just decided, hey, let’s start the next task, folks. And then they started the task.

He did bring in the last Celebrity Apprentice winner, Piers Morgan, who will pull some sort of surveillance tricks out to wow folks next week as Trump has him spying on the Project Managers. Line of the night was easily when Joan was talking about how Natalie was one of the few non-lesbians out there on the LPGA. Which, really, should be their slogan: sexier lesbian parties than the WNBA, fools.

For the record, I will be writing about a couple shows weekly here. Lost for sure, maybe 24 and we’ll consider this a trial run for future Celebrity Apprentice posts.

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  1. Acadia

    Is Melissa Rivers still in it? I love her and I still didn’t watch 🙁

  2. Maitland

    Melissa Rivers is still in it. Her mom keeps defending her obnoxiously and threatened to quit if Melissa got fired.

  3. vettech

    I’m waiting for the Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars edition…because I want Gene Simmons to come back. If Trump were smart he would bring him back an let him sit in on the boardroom (maybe replace his son — who has the personality of a cotton swab)


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