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Some Dude Won the Lottery How Many Times?


If I were that guy, I'd be grinning so big, you'd see my uvula.

If I were that guy, I'd be grinning so big, you'd see my uvula.


WICHITA, Kan. – Edward Williams is the definition of lucky after winning the lottery for a second time in a year. Williams, 47, of Wichita won $75,000 in September playing a $10 scratch ticket. Then on Wednesday, he defied the odds again when matched all the numbers in the Super Kansas Cash drawing to win a jackpot worth nearly $900,000.

So, what’s the secret to his success? Surely this dude must be some sort of super-nerd banging out code to come up with all kinds of winning number formulas, right?

“Just keep on playing,” advised Williams, who buys a $5 Quick Pick for every Super Kansas Cash drawing. “That’s the best advice I have for other people looking for that big win.”

Fuckin’-A man, sounds like some advice NIKE would come up with.

Anyone got any good lottery winning stories? Or at least a “everyone at work pooled money to buy tickets” story that no one gives a shit about?

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  1. John | English Wilderness

    That’s one lucky dude. The $75k would be nice, but not enough to make a big difference. I’m not surprised he kept playing hoping for a big win. I wonder if he’ll carry on now 🙂


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