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Someone Explain Mad Men to Me

mad-menI watched most of this show during the first season. I didn’t like it at all. The third season began last night to what seemed like tons of fanfare.

Here is the thing that confuses me, this seems like a total boring lameass chick show. Yet, damn, it is getting great publicity. Is this an all around good show that I’m missing out on because I gave up on it cold after like 25% of the episodes they have aired to date? I never have even considered heading back towards this show.

Do people just watch this show because they want to think things like, “Straight up, yes, I wish smoking wherever I damn well please was still socially acceptable. Public building? Restaurant? Damn right this cigarette is lit like a motherfucker.”

Someone explain this show to me.

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  1. wngl

    The popularity of this show among most of my friends mystifies me. The closest thing to an explanation they offer is how “twisted” it is. Though I’ve not watched more than a few episodes, all I saw was foul-mouthery and sleeping around. Is that so different from the way things are today, or is so fascinating that people were like us even before JFK’s assassination?

  2. VetTech

    I think had you watched it from the beginning you would have felt differently. Last night’s episode was kind of lame…but I would still recommend renting the first dvd and giving it another try. It’s sexy in a vacuuming in heels/dirty Leave it to Beaver way.

    The misogyny, antisemitism and racism in otherwise upstanding business men makes you so uneasy, but in the best possible way. Also, it’s nice to see a period drama that isn’t sugar coated and overly nostalgic. Also, given the fact that they are all essentially overgrown frat boys…it’s filled with some great locker room type humor.

    Plus the back-stories are being doled out like tasty breadcrumbs…and you couldn’t know about any of them from picking it up last night.

  3. Maitland

    I did watch it from the beginning, didn’t watch last night. I watched like the first 6 episodes when the show first started airing. Thought it was lame, stopped watching.

  4. Acadia

    I think that redhead with the big bazooms has something to do with it.

  5. vange

    I was going to say it is filmed in New Mexico but, it turns out, I confused it with Breaking Bad. Oh well–they’re all the same when you haven’t seen them!

  6. zizzybob

    I don’t get it either. I watched the first season and found nothing likable about it. None of the characters are nice people and it seems like the same stuff week after week. I’d rather watch Dexter.

  7. Rachel

    Wow, you’re seriously the first person I’ve ever known of who’s seen the show and didn’t love it! I’ve watched from the beginning myself and didn’t know if I’d like it, but I think it’s brilliant! It’s one of my favorite shows and I was eagerly awaiting its return (especially considering there was the possibility that Hamm might not be coming back – big mistake on his part if he hadn’t). I haven’t gotten to see the premiere for this season yet, but I’ve seen all the others. I just think it’s got really quality writing and an authenticity that’s rare in television. Great acting quality as well. The sets and costuming are amazingly true-to-period, and the total un-PC attitude is a big part of the appeal as well. I’m a bit young to relate to the period personally, but those I’ve talked to who are older all seem to say that, like it or not, that’s the way life and relationships really were at the time.

  8. Maitland

    I just found it boring, mainly. Definitely agree with zizzy that it just seemed like the same shit each week. Like, it seems like they made some of the affairs the dudes had like the major plot points.


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