The Gallery Staff is always…taking pictures of celebrities to put into the mine.  Why do you care?  Well, go look at them for one thing.  But also – get this.  One staffer had 886MB worth of images that had to be sent to someone else.  Well, Google Talk file transfer help failing and blah blah so they asked me for help.  “Well,” I said handsomely.  “Use winrar to split the folder into 100MB files, then you can send them one at a time.”

What a boring story.  Except.

Said staffer dutifully set it all up to run and then went out and got drunk.  Didn’t check until today.

Apparently she must have not typed what she thought she typed.  Cause there were not 9 files waiting.  There were 79000 of them.  And it was only 7% done.  So now she keeps crashing her computer trying to delete them.  So let the be a lesson to you.  Umm…know how to type: 100

I have to give this story a perfect score!  .01!