Everybody understands what a coach does, and can probably even name a few famous ones.  From Béla Károlyi to Pat Riley to Mike Ditka, these individuals provide support to athletes and help them achieve their potential to ultimately be the best they can be.  They provide outside perspective and motivation, advice, and guidance.  And possibly most importantly of all, they offer stability even in the most chaotic of circumstances. But what a lot of us don’t consider is that this kind of service exists for  not only athletes but also business people and entrepreneurs, students, artists, housewives and husbands, pretty much anybody from any walk of life! Life coaches provide this guidance to everyday people.  They help them identify goals and break down the steps necessary to achieve these goals.  They can take what seems like a daunting task and break it down into steps you can accomplish, set timetables for each step, and hold your hand through any hiccups that may ensue.  They can help keep you motivated and teach you techniques to keep yourself focused and on the right track.  Different life coaches have different specialties, and it’s important to keep that in mind when making your selection.  Some specialize in career coaching and counseling, some in spirituality, some in child raising and household management…  there are literally as many areas of expertise as there are client needs. So where does one start when deciding to employ the services of a life coach?  http://www.noomii.com/ is a fantastic place, for life coaches in Nashville and all over the USA.  It offers biographical info including their training and specialty, experience, and location.  Everything you need to make your decision easy!  So take the first step towards the rest of your life by making a simple click and getting a coach of your own.