Like a lot of things in the early 90’s, JFK seemed completely plausible when it came out in 1991.  Before the Internet, people could say allll sorts of crazy shit and unless you went to a library or watched a documentary, there wasn’t a whole hell of a lot you could to do to refute anyone.  So when people said The Spin Doctor’s were going to be one of the biggest bands of the decade, people said: Why not?

Oh, grunge?  That’s why not?  You mean just because Nevermind came out later that same year that the wooly lookin’ fools with the winter hats and feel good noodling wouldn’t become the poster sound for the decade?  Never mind the fact that nobody even paid attention to the album until the year after it came out.  The fact is that girls needed someone to snap their fingers to while their boyfriends’s talked about how serious and meaningful all the other shit going on at the time was.  Like the fact that JFK was assassinated by a CONSPIRACY!  Even Nedry from Jurassic Park was in on it.  And now that I think about it, if you listen to “Two Princes” backwards you can hear Joe Pesci saying something about Oswald.  Oh, and seriously, go to YouTube and look for videos that say JFK’s driver shot him.  It’s messed up!  Video and lyrics after the jump.

Spin Doctors – Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong

Been a whole lot easier since the bitch left town
Been a whole lot happier without her face around
Nobody upstairs gonna stomp and shout
Nobody at the back door gonna throw my laundry out
She hold the shotgun while you dote-se-doe
She want one man made of Hercules and Cyrano
Been a whole lot easier since the bitch is gone
Little Miss, Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong


Little Miss, Little Miss Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong
Ain’t no body gonna bow no more when you sound your gong
Little Miss, Little Miss Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong
Whatcha go’n do to get into another one of these here
rock ‘n’ roll songs?

Other people’s thoughts they ain’t your hand-me-downs
Would it be so bad to simply turn around
You cook so well, all nice and French
You do your brain surgery too, with a monkey wrench


I hope them cigarettes are gonna make you cough
Hope you hear this song and it pissed you off
I take that back: hope you’re doing fine
And if I had a dollar, I might give you ninety-nine