You may have all forgotten that I am an accomplished author.  Well allow me to rectify that.

I am an accomplished author.

Go buy Whalewolf.  I get $.56 cents every time someone buys it for $.99 cents.  Apparently I have a terrible agent.  Wondering if it’s any good?  Well check out this review from renowned literary critic N. Jill Marsh.

Okay, bought and read. I enjoyed it except for the two typos. You need a copy editor, dude.

So buy the thing so I can afford to hire a copy editor to fix it.  Then again, she’s from Canada so who knows what she thinks a typo is.  Maybe I spelled “check” without a Q.  Go ahead and buy it and maybe you can find the typos.  Now it is not just a book, it’s an adventure!

I think I did it!  Click the gray button to buy it!  PayPal!

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