This week on the Allegedly On The Issues Podcast, we had a chance to have a chat with stand-up comedian Gerrit Elzinga. Elzinga has been performing stand-up comedy for around 10 years. We spoke with Gerrit about politics, as well as discussing his comedy.

What’s it like to stand in front of a crowd and get heckled by a drunk woman who decides being a loud drunk is not enough, and she makes a dash for the stage? What goes through your head at that point in time? Elzinga discusses that moment, as well as how he deals with other hecklers and more during this Bonus Episode to the Allegedly On The Issues podcast.

If you listened to the main episode of the podcast, you may have heard Gerrit’s segment on Presidential candidates and their attempt at jokes. Gerrit offers a critique of the Republican field and their comic stylings. Now, we cover a lot more in this 45 minute interview. Gerrit is an up and coming comedian that has spent time in New York City and has performed across the midwest. He talks about what makes for a good crowd, where his favorite crowds are, and the process that he has taken thus far as a stand up comedian.

Going into the show, I didn’t know a lot about Gerrit and his positions when it came to politics, so, we started things off with a quick 5 question Political compass test to gauge where he stands on certain things. That began with the question…when Trump is President…and America is clearly GREAT AGAIN, what will we do with all of these Trucker Caps that declare how we need to Make America Great Again.

We also discuss politicians in Comic Book movies and agree…Billy Dee Williams is the best.

Any feedback on the podcast would be greatly appreciated. As we move forward we expect to pull more interviews with comedians and discuss their lives and political positions.

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