She runs this story every night.

New:  Saw this today.  I wish I had enough talent to cut a bunch of video clips to a song.  Then again, I never really tried it so maybe I am.  Wait til you see my clips of “Facts of Life” set to Superfreak.  Or else I will just find a 3 minute section of a movie and put a song over it.  That seems like something I’d do.  SO get ready for that baptism scene in The Godfather to be set to Poker Face!  Genius!

In the meantime, look how many gayish “Star Trek” scenes they found for this Tik Tok video.  It’s awesome.  Also, was Uhura really that hot?  The whole time?  Seriously?

I think Auto-Tune the news might be played out now, but they just did a new one and even though they have done like, seven in between, there is still none better than Smoking Lettuce.  So you can have the new one here and Smoking Lettuce with that nasty little Ana Marie Cox after the jump.

It’s not the nicotine that kills.  It’s the smoke.  After the jump.