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Star Wars Christmas Podcaturday

Seriously, the thing I found after the jump is pretty awesome.  It has sound right off the bat so watch out, but it is awesome.  AWESOME.  If I could figure out how to not have it outplat I would do all the posts this way from now on.  Also, Mr. T!

And now, on to the show!  The FlavorWave.  If Mr. T tells you to buy something, YOU BUY IT!  Even if you don’t have the need to cook a frozen steak in 16 minutes so it’s delicious, you still need to buy the damn thing.

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Acadia Einstein

I'm the funny one. And the handsome one. And I pay for everything.


  1. Patrick

    Love the crawl.. it should be a weekly thang..

    I pity the fool that doesn’t buy a half dozen of whatever Mr. T is selling

    • James Melzer

      The only complaint I have is that’s an auto-start thing. That’s not cool.

  2. Julie From Momspective

    Although auto-starts piss me off, it’s a fucking cool one to have so I accept it and embrace it.

    Hey, I don’t have a guy but I have sandpaper and crayola markers, I can totally help you out with your car.

    • Acadia

      how many crayons?


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