I’m gonna be honest with you.  There are just way too many frigging yellow dots on the video after the jump for my liking.  Every yellow dot supposedly represents a plane that’s in the air.  Look at them all!  It’s like we invade Europe every night and they invade us back every morning.  What’s with everyone?  Stay in one place.  Or at least stay out of each other’s way.  And to think, there are HUMANS in charge of preventing all those yellow dots from smashing into each other instantly.  Granted that would not be all that tough in Africa but in the USA?  Forget it!

It’s a good thing it isn’t my job.  I can’t keep toast crumbs from colliding with the butter.  And just last week I drove my car into a tree because a song I liked came on the radio.  So the next time you get worried when you are on a plane, think about all those yellow dots.  Or maybe don’t think about them.  That might be better.  Video after the jump!