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Step Right Up!

Step Right Up!

That’s right, folks! Step right up for your chance to purchase some fabulous items at low, low prices!

No, seriously. I’m selling off a bunch of men’s clothes that Jay doesn’t wear anymore, along with anything else I want to get rid of. To that end, I’ve trapped Acadia in his crawlspace so I could make a totally self-serving post on the Gallery. (It’s okay. I left some food pellets and a hamster bottle. He’ll be just fine.)

Since you’re here already, check out this awesome swag I’m letting go of!


That’s a pretty sweet shirt, right? Could be a stage shirt if you play in a band! Could be the perfect shirt for that Tinder date! Wait, look at this one!



It just oozes “Hipster” panache! Would pair perfectly with a large, full beard or that handlebar mustache you’ve been cultivating! The decorations are real embroidery, ladies and gents!

Wait, wait! Okay, if that’s not quite your style, check this out!



Silky soft because it’s a real silk blend shirt! Pair it with a set of khaki shorts and a scarf, and you’re ready for the boat party! (Hint: There’s also a beige-colored one for sale as well!)

OR maybe you’d be interested in a sweet pair of designer jeans?



Those are Buffalo Driven jeans! Brand new, these retail for over $100 and these may not have ever been worn! If I wore a 34-inch waist, I’D wear them!

And that’s not all! Check out everything I’ve got listed so far here! There’s something for everyone!* I’ll be adding more stuff as I go through the fire hazard that is our garage.



*May not apply to everyone.

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Christy Stevens

Christy Stevens has been on the internet since before there was internet. She used to be a writer, moderator and member of the comedy website, but it shut down on April Fool’s Day a few years ago and apparently the joke isn’t over yet. She’s a native Floridian and fully owns that her home state is full of crazies and creatures who absolutely will try to eat your face. She lives with her husband, Jay, her son, 2 dogs, 3 cats and a bird.

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  1. Acadia Einstein

    That shirt with the Western squiqqles on them was worn in a bi-curious rodeo so you should charge more.


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