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Stevie Nicks Gonna Bitch Slap Somebody

I was gonna let the Grammys go by unremarked because I am sure none of you really care for my take on awards shows (especially the Grammys!) but the duet between Stevie Nicks and Taylor Swift was so absolutely cringe-worthy, I had to say something.  Plus, I have people over for a Grammys party (I even bought 3-D glasses for everyone) and thought it might be a bit rude to be typing away all night.  But!

The camera angle was to the side of Taylor Swift, putting Stevie Nicks nearly off camera.  If they had shifted to a head-on shot, it would have been better but the lighting was unequal and shitty and she was NOT HAPPY.  I kept expecting her to lash out.  Maybe I will hear some delicious gossip about a backstage smack down.  Golly, I HOPE SO.

That said, Taylor Swift going voice to voice with Stevie Nicks ON STEVIE NICKS’ SONG, unsurprisingly did not go well for Taylor Swift. She was off key and just…weak.  I’m not sure whose idea this was but it sucked.  It was filmed and lit in a way I can only describe as disrespectful to Nicks and Swift came off looking like a weak-voiced upstart.  Seeing Nicks step back with a tambourine while Swift did “You Belong to Me” just felt wrong.  Perhaps Stevie Nicks is more gracious than I, but she should not be giving up the stage to that squinty-eyed child.

This would have been written and published waaay earlier but I saw a fuzz under the control key of my lappy and yanked at it and the damn key popped off and it literally took thirty minutes, two flashlights, tweezers and forceps to find it again.

Oh and RIP Vern Gosdin.  You had the best name of all the In Memoriam segment.

You can see the entire performance below.  Forward to 2:15 to see Stevie come on stage.

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  1. RE - A BadGalSays

    where is kanye when you really need him ? damn stevie nicks singing back ground for this ? this is truly a shame indeed.

  2. Acadia

    Poor Taylor Swift. Who will be HER Lindsey Buckingham? Ever think of that? Nope. Didn’t think so.


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