I am going to post a video and I want you to listen to those mean photographers yelling at her.  Stand this way, that way, etc.  Look over your shoulder.  Bossy bossy bossy.  Then watch the camera guy zoom in on her feet.  Bunch of weirdos.

If I were there I would be silent.  And stealthy.  And I would probably have a special sun beam on my head and she would notice look at me and I would mouth the name of the site and she would not have any frigging clue what I said because saying the name of the site takes forever.  So then I would do that cool head nod thing and she would run over and give me her phone number.

So….lucky for the paparazzi that I don’t live in L.A.  If I did – they would all be out of business because the stars would call me and tell me when they were going places.  Like how someone I work with saw Jay-Z and Beyonce in a pizza place in Brooklyn this weekend. But that is like, once in a lifetime. Seeing famous people in New York, I mean.  Rare rare rare.