There’s a thing happening on YouTube where people post videos of things they asked strangers to do to each other that normally strangers wouldn’t do. Case in point, the first video I saw was “First Kiss” where pairs of people who just met are asked to kiss each other.

The next one I saw was “First Gay Hug”

Most recently “The Slap” was brought to my attention

And here is some background/behind the scenes for that one

And when I went looking I also found “Undress Me”

The first time I saw “First Kiss” I actually found it to be kind of sweet. The same with “First Gay Hug”. I haven’t finished processing the others yet.

What do you think? Is there a point to these or are they just something some hipsters decided to do with their iPhones and video editing software?

This post was inspired by certain events on Google Plus. Thanks, weirdos.