The girl in the banner is Lindsey Pelas, an Instagram model.  She is blonde with big boobs and is sticking out her tongue.  And I could not care less. She is nothing compared to Charlotte McKinney.  And she is nothing compared to Milla Jovovich. Or Henry Winkler for that matter.  Bascially Lindsey Pelas sucks.

Tomorrow night I am going to DM a game of 5e Dungeons and Dragons for a coworker and her husband and roommates.  We are going to be at Fordham and I hope it goes well. I have been jonesing for a game and I am really counting on this working out. If not I am going to have to use D&D Encounters and play with strangers.

I still haven’t watched Fear the Walking Dead which means I can’t read Jenn Martinelli’s review.  UGH. But I did watch Food Truck Race on Food Network so that’s awesome.  That show just makes me happy on a lot of levels.

Speaking of Jenn – go check out what she does to me on G+.  She should really make a post out of these.

I am bird sitting and loving it.  Other than the fact that he never stops crapping on everything he is pretty fun.  He is on my shoulder right now!

I still don’t have enough buddies on PS4.  Add halthus23 when you have a chance. I need someone to pay Battle Islands with. Battle Islands is ridiculous.

The Gallery is making some moves right now, logo wise.  Stay tuned for some new greatness.  We are looking at a new 2D version and then having a contest for a 3D version.  I just need some help from Coley.  Keep an eye out for more info.

Saw ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ this past weekend and it is the best movie I have seen in a very long time.  Watch it.

Oh, and I opened tumblr this morning at work and got a pic of this chick getting it in the butt but the girl looked like the most non pornstar person ever.  Oh Riley Reid, why don’t you do something else for work?