Ben Affleck apparently has Roman hands and Russian fingers because he is now apologizing for groping an actress on MTV years ago.  And I heard this morning that someone else wants an apology for a more recent incident.  Now, I have a few thoughts on all this but I want to make sure my main point does not get lost:

Do not take out whatever anger you have at Ben Affleck on the Justice League movie.  Don’t boycott it.  Don’t protest.  Don’t do any of that crap.  Why?  Because there are a lot of other careers riding on this movie that have nothing to do with idiot Affleck and if they make a crappy movie (and it is possible they have) they will blame it on protests if they occur.

Now, I am not trampling your 1st amendment rights or anything.  I can’t STOP you from protesting.  But I can earnestly plea for you to protest a BEN AFFLECK project if you want to protest.  Justice League is not his.  He is an actor in it.  He should not ruin the work of Gal Gadot or Jason Momoa or the Flash and Cyborg guys.  I am blanking on their names atm.  Leave Justice League alone!

That said, here are my thoughts on the Affleck revelation as well as the Weinstein stuff:

  1. Either nobody is addicted to sex or everyone is addicted to sex.  Weinstein can blab about “getting help” all he wants but the dude could have afforded any sex worker or combination of sex workers he wanted and satiated his “addiction” if it was about sex.  It wasn’t.  Dude is a balaclava wearing rapist hiding in the bushes except he had a staff that helped him and better advance planning.  He is a monster who wanted to trap women.  Period.
  2. The Affleck tape is awkward as hell to watch, which makes me wonder WHY IT WAS A TV SHOW AND WENT ON SO LONG?  This was not something that happened back stage or anything like that.  It was part of the show!  WHY?
  3. Remember when Trump said: “If you’re famous they just let you do it?”  Well I think that is factually wrong but does show perfectly what the issue is.  And I think a lot more will come out and a lot of people that are popular will turn out to be jerks.

See, it is not that they “let you”.  It is that they don’t feel like they can stop you.  It is like saying that a baby will “let you” throw it in a tree.  It is impossible for me to feel like those women felt (and feel every day) and I am not about to judge how they “should” feel.  That is nonsense.  From what I observe, Affleck seems more like a lunkhead than a predator, but motive doesn’t matter.  I am glad he apologized and hope that more dudes who have done the same thing speak out before getting accused.

Anyway, it isn’t Justice League’s fault.  GO SEE THE MOVIE!