Summer used to be when all the networks would go on break. They would trot out reruns of what you saw over the fall/winter and spring, and that’s all we had to go with.

Of course now it is a bit different, as there is a need, a DESIRE if you will for people to watch new and original programming 12 months of the year. So, here are the weirdest things on television for these next few months.

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1. Greatest American Dog – premieres July 10, CBS.

People love dogs (well some of us), people love it when humans compete to be the greatest _________, so it’s like chocolate and peanut butter if you combine the two, right? Right?

Greatest American Dog is about pageant dogs, (from the highly professional to the home-trained) competing in challenges and games (with assistance and training from their owners). The victorious pair will take home $250,000. Basically we’ve done the whole “ordinary humans compete” thing so much that it is now animals competing. Expect animals going wild, and lots of “awwwwwwww” moments. Watch it, if you like animals – unless they are being exploited, then I guess protest it or something.

2. Wanna Bet – premieres July 21, ABC

I think some of these ideas for these shows come straight out of a producers office thick with the aroma of weed. Case in point: Wanna Bet is four celebrity judges betting on the success or failure of myriad stunts, tricks and mental challenges dreamed up by contestants and performed in front of a studio audience. Seriously, how high would you be to even think of this? My question (that the handy AOL page is not answering for me), is who will do these challenges? The people who come up with them? The celebrities? Ohhhh, I hope it is the celebs, because i’d love to see such A-listers such as Drew Lachey, Bill Engvall and Scott Hamilton try to swallow fire, or jump something with a motorbike.

3. Jingles – premieres July 27, CBS

The newest idea from Survivor guru Mark Burnett, Jingles is a reality show (I know, I was shocked, too) in which regular people have to write and perform jingles before a panel of judges and a live audience. Topics range from sports or toys to health products or TV-show themes. Viewers at home get to choose the ultimate winner. Okay, quick question: how interesting does this sound, and how many people do you think will watch this? I’m betting only the people who are on the show watch it. Even their moms will bail.

4. Big Brother – premieres July 13, CBS

Full disclosure – this is the only reality show I watch. I got into it two seasons ago when Dick whateverhisnamewas was on it. Big Brother After Dark was also fun just for the concept of having an unedited feed of reality TV. Well, because of the writers strike, the show comes back sooner than later. I hope they cast better people, as this last season was filled with a bunch of boring, un-entertaining folks.

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