OK, I don’t have any bikini’s or anything for this post (you would think I would!) but I do have some news or updates or something.  It’s like an official report so pay attention!

Dame Meow wins the Rizzoli and Isles 1st Season DVD Contest!  She’ll get the prize delivered from TNT so it will actually get there in a timely manner.  And I realized that I could actually make a movie of when the winner was picked.  It was sort of like when they show the lottery numbers being drawn on TV but not.


More important info after the jump!

NEW GIVEAWAY! – There will be a new giveaway starting tomorrow.  This one is for TGIFriday’s.  I’ll be giving away a coupon (not a whole restaurant, fool) and the entry process will be pretty easy.  So watch for it.

HALLOWEEN! –I know it is only September, but it is time to start thinking about the Halloween festivities.  We will be running the costume contest for sure and are working (as usual) to get some other sites to get involved.  If you want in, use the contact form.

GALLEVERSARY – This will be our 6th anniversary so I’m sure we will do something for it.  Maybe we can have a petting zoo or a bouncy castle.  What?  We’re only six!

DEPARTMENTS – Name that Ringtone and Guess My Netflix will be back.  We may also try to find some dumb thing to always do on Thursday since we seem to have one for every other day.  Maybe: THORsday where we have a picture of Thor.  Or Thexthy Thurthday where we have hot chicks who lisp.  I don’t know.

HIRING – We are hiring.  Use the contact form.  We might even have money!

PODCATRUDAY – It’s back!  Get listening.  It’s episode 69.  lol.