Sometimes when Acadia’s attention is elsewhere I get to do what I want here at Superficial Gallery. Another way to say that is it’s Thursday and I forgot to write an article so I’m going to throw some food porn at you. Nothing beats Grilled Cheese! It’s comfort food and good memories of the old days all in one.

Christmas Eve at our house was when my Dad got out the griddle. His specialty was grilled ham and cheese but you could get a custom number with a slice of tomato on it. We’d have those sandwiches and a big bowl of chips and wait for Santa to show up on the fire truck. By the time he got to our house on South Road he was usually pretty drunk.

Enjoy all the pretty sandwiches in the slideshow fellow cheese fans.

[portfolio_slideshow id=37854]
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  1. Cider
    April 24, 2015 at 10:10 pm

    I had the best version of a grilled cheese ever in Italy on a trip in 2009. We ordered what we thought was a platter of some bread and cheese and for some reason we got these pressed cheese panini things with like 37 kinds of amazing Italian cheese in them. Heaven.

    I’m trying to post a link to a pic of it:

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