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Superficial Gallery’s Halloween Costume Contest Entries!

Superficial Gallery’s Halloween Costume Contest Entries!

Ladies and gents, boos and ghouls, spooky readers of all variety, the time is upon us to vote for the best entry in our contest! Check out the galleries below and vote for your favorite costume! Our featured gallery are our contestants in the running for the $25.00 Amazon Gift Card!

We also have an Honorable Mentions gallery for those who just wanted to have fun! Vote for your favorite through this page and let’s reward the best of 2018!

We will announce the winner (and give away an unopened Loot Crate to a lucky viewer!) this Friday Night on the Live finale of American Horror Stream!  You can find the show here so don’t miss it!

2018 Costume Contest Entries 

Honorable Mentions

About The Author

Mells Bells

Once upon a time there was a girl born on a dark and dreary winter day. She grew up knowing she was different from the others, but never being able to put her bony finger on what it was. Until one day she read a Stephen King novel, which unlocked the madness that would become her life. She quickly devoured book after book, moving on to classic horror films and deciding that she would live her life different from the others. She researched serial killers and tried to figure out the psyche behind what drove humans mad. She rapidly absorbed cold cases of missing people and became, if only in her mind, a savant of the true crime world. Now she lives her life converting unsuspecting humans to the dark side. The dark side of Mells. She now lives amongst the others as one of them. Waiting for her next conquest. She sounds crazy ... but make no mistake. Her Southern accent will put you in a trance and soon you too will become a true Mells Bells. Seriously, I have two dogs, a kid, and an old man. A devout horror fanatic and obsessed with true crime, I read a lot. A lot.


  1. Lisa

    Winner red rum

  2. Katie


  3. Arthi


  4. Jackie Torrance

    I gotta vote for the Redrum kid. Amazing job!

  5. Sandwich

    Gotta go with the Rick and Morty!

  6. Sandwich

    Can I just say tho…this is tough. That lady Freddy is amazing…I think I need to change my vote to her.

  7. Jasmin


  8. Jenn Martinelli

    I mean I love them all so much but I have to go with Chief Hopper because of the cat demogorgon.

  9. Jane

    Lady Freddy is scary AF.


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