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Oh hey, hi there. Acadia broke out his special gold mask for you guys because you’re special Gold Members.™

First of all, we’re allowed to swear here. Huzzah. So welcome you fucking amazing fucks. Yay. We appreciate you giving a fuck about the site.

You do, in fact, get a copy of Whalewolf for being a member.


Click on the image to access the book. 🙂

But you do not get tit pics of me. Now, if Acadia wants to post tit pics I can’t control what he does with his own body, that’s his right, and don’t you dare disrespect him or make assumptions about his sexual history or morals.

We promise to bring you amazing exclusive content here that those other plebes won’t get. Acadia has all kinds of ideas but he won’t tell me most of them. Is there something you want to see (besides my tits)? If so, tell us! If it’s legal we’ll do our best. If it’s illegal we’ll Acadia will still do our his best as long as it doesn’t involve a life sentence.

Hearts! – Jenn (“Cider”)