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Tag: 2012

Really North Carolina?

OK so I’m sick and crabby but I swear I am ready to go out of my house and just walk down the street punching people.  I am all for spirited political debate but I at least sort of hope that there are, oh I don’t...

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Yay Politics

Now that Mitt Romney has picked his son, Paul Ryan, as his VP nominee, we can get down to some serious presidential electin’!  And here’s what I hope happens. I hope that people repeat statements that they hear on...

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Racist People are Racist

I don’t know what the original contest was about, but the racists on the mailing list I am on took it to the logical super-racist degree and made it into a “what will happen if Obama wins” thing. ...

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Mayans 2012 – A comic.

Never did one of these before.  I hope the subject matter isn’t too offensive.  I’d hate to get punched in the stomach by some New Age ninja or an angry scientist.  Now go read it after the...

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