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Amazing Cakes I Could Never Make

The pic to the left is more along the lines of what I am likely to make, if I tried.  Which I won’t as I don’t like baking and I don’t really like cake.  So, I am completely fine with my lack of baking prowess...

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Move Over, Julian Beever

Edgar Mueller is the new, edgier Julian Beever.  See Beever’s work here.  (That was one of the very first articles of this sort I did for the Gallery!)  Mueller works hard;  together with up to five assistants,...

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Kids Do Stupid Shit to Make Us Laugh

I assume amusing adults is why they do this stuff because it makes no earthly sense to do it for any other reason.  Crazy lil monkeys*. *I used “monkeys” as a term of endearment as a show of support for the Jillian...

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Wear Condoms!

I’m not a seamstress by any means. I can’t sew on a button and I don’t even watch Project Runway. So I can’t help but be impressed by this particular fashion show. Plus I am drawn to the bizarre. All the...

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Animals are Cute, blah blah

The following pix are amazing and may well have been shopped.  Or the National Geographic photogs should be paid more.  What the fuck do I know?  Click ’em and ooh and ahh and all that mushy girl...

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