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Grading Bad- Entity (2012)

Premise:  This super innovative found footage (??) mockumentary features a team of paranormal investigators who run into something they do not expect. This time with Russian experiments and psychics. What do you mean...

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YouTuesday – Death Scream

I recently ran across another excellent fight scene.  If you have been coming here for a while, you might remember me posting the absolute best fight scene ever last year.  I don’t think this one trumps that one, but it...

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They’re Making a Movie from What?

Saturday Night Live’s MacGruber is about to explode on the big screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Will Forte’s recurring sketch parody about an easily distracted MacGyver-type has Ryan Phillippe and Val...

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Imagine That

Eddie Murphy’s new movie, Imagine That, opened making $5.7 million this weekend. I wasn’t bugged by Eddie Murphy doing all those kids movies. They were successful. But, now he is even bombing these kids movies?...

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