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Really North Carolina?

OK so I’m sick and crabby but I swear I am ready to go out of my house and just walk down the street punching people.  I am all for spirited political debate but I at least sort of hope that there are, oh I don’t...

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Racist People are Racist

I don’t know what the original contest was about, but the racists on the mailing list I am on took it to the logical super-racist degree and made it into a “what will happen if Obama wins” thing. ...

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England’s High Tech Royals

It turns out that England’s Royal Family is a lot like us. They’ve joined Facebook where their page features news and pictures of Queen Elizabeth II and her family. Clarence House, that’s the residence of the...

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Who won the Nobel Prize?

I was watching Morning Joe this morning and listening to them all yapping about Obama getting the Nobel Prize and blah blah.  After I got bored looking for dirty pictures of Mika, I found out she has a terrible website and an...

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When was Colonel Potter a cop?

So this clip is probably old now but whatever.  It is from Dragnet, which I am sure most of you have never watched.  They cut Obama into is and it is funny.  But the thing that really made is stand out for me was how much longer...

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Obama Can’t Dance

So, a couple nights ago, everyone was showing an Obama press conference. Except for FOX, they aired “So you think you can dance”…and they whipped Obama’s ass. Maybe. I don’t know. Fox benefited from...

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