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Big Brother – The end of recaps

Well, now that this is over, my career as a recapper is over.  It paid zero but my amazing posts (and JW’s ones that showed boobs) did get at least one person to watch the show.  This person.  So form me over some money,...

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Big Brother – Enzo stinks!

OK, it is almost over.  There are only four people left and three of them are on Team Derh.  Now, am I going to take back all the mean things I’ve said about Team Derh since the beginning?  No.  I am not.  Despite the fact...

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Big Brother – No Sympathy

There are so few people in the house now that it is much easier for me to channel my hate.  My laser beam eyes will burn the bullet points into this recap. The typical “OMG I HAVE TO WIN THE VETO” thing came into...

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