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What is wrong with America:

Marty Abbott is our newset writer.  He is pretty mad at the car companies right now, so until he seems happy about something (or until he picks an avatar) I am going to use that banner pic for him.  Also, kudos to someone using...

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There are a lot of things you have to worry about when you are parking your car.   Is there enough room for me to park here?   Am I too close to the shopping cart return?   Will somebody try to break into my car if I park here? ...

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A New Way to Use CDs

  I think we can pretty much agree that CDs are going the way of cassette tapes, no?  MP3s and iTunes are the new way of things and there’s not much way around that.  This begs the question, then, what to do with all...

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Buy me this. Seriously. Now.

I know I ask for a lot, but seriously I need a yacht that has a matching car that drives onto the yacht and then the yacht sails away.  With me on it.  And probably I would have some gold on it.  Bars, doubloons, rope, all the...

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