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YouTuesday – Got a Quarter?

Have you seen the prizes those crane games are offering these days?  I mean, you still can’t win anything because the crane has the grabbing strength of an old lady, but man, the prizes are so good that you have to try. ...

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Cat Nap

Another post date has snuck up on me and once again I don’t have much to go with that I can write anything moderately clever about.  So, I figure I’ll just post a cat picture.  Haven’t done one of those in a...

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Obnoxious Cat

So I do not have any pets for a reason.  The reason is because I don’t want them.  I don’t want the mess, the responsibility, the mess, the expense or the mess.  So a week ago, there was this incredibly insistent...

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Matrix Cat

Blah blah description of the big fight in the Matrix except Neo is a cat and Agent Smith is a bunch of evil dogs.  Whoever does the best description as judged by the management wins a mousepad.  Put your description in the...

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