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Celebrities in Santa Hats

Anyone can look good in a Santa Hat.  I realize that, now.  Before I decided to pick celebrities, I thought of a lot of other things that might wear Santa Hats.  And while some were tempting I had to go with the celebrities. ...

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Allison Kyler in Scream Queens

This chick is amazing and gorgeous and can really scream.  She was eliminated from the VH1 show Scream Queens and it was a bum deal.  She did not deserve to go. She has her own Youtube channel going on. You can check it out keep...

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Angie Harmon

Angie Harmon has the best cheekbones and dimples of any female celebrity I can think of. Her chin just skirts looking manly. I have no idea why I know her besides Law & Order. The only other times I can recall seeing her on...

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8 New Ana Beatriz Barros

We just added 8 new Ana Beatriz Barrow pics.  She’s wearing some really long boots in them.  Well, maybe they aren’t boots.  Maybe they’re badly made leggings.  But whatever.  These new pics bring our Ana...

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New Kim Kardashian

We just added 20 new Kim Kardashian Pics.  She’s selling perfume. Not too sure how a picture can sell perfume.  They just smell like pictures when I rub them on my face.  Which I don’t ever do! And those pics bring...

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Pictures of Jessica Biel

I got some pics of Jessica Biel so I thought it might be a good idea to put them up.  I can’t leave them on my computer cause that would just seem creepy.  Especially since these pictures seem to have been taken at an...

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Actually, I can lie and just did there in the title.  But lots of peoples do or Sofia Vergara wouldn’t be popular enough to be on ABC’s great hope of a sitcom this fall, Modern Family.  It is formulaic and yet still...

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