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2013 Geek Gala Makes For A Geeky Good Time

Star Date: October 26,2013… We have entered the outer reaches of the Charlotte Marriott Executive Park in Charlotte, NC. Upon arrival we are immediately surrounded by geeks! Geeks who like to party for a good cause that...

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Who the Fuck is Jeff Dunham?

I was checking out this list of top paid comedians and two of the names in the top three, I obviously knew. Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock. They aren’t really doing anything, though, are they? But number three? Never heard...

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Bo Burnham – Love Is

You may have seen him on Comedy Central. Wait past the intro. And definitely wait until he says: “Love like a real life porn minus all the stuff that makes porn cool”.  I think it’s great that 17 year olds can...

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I’ll watch this tv show.

I am not a heartless bastard, as Acadia said yesterday. I love me some Chevy Chase comedy, realized that for the millionth time watching Fletch the other day. Would a heartless bastard promote others? Welcome to NBC, Chevy...

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