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What is wrong with America:

Marty Abbott is our newset writer.  He is pretty mad at the car companies right now, so until he seems happy about something (or until he picks an avatar) I am going to use that banner pic for him.  Also, kudos to someone using...

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YouTuesday – Creepy Commercials

Some of the creepiest things I’ve ever come across are things that don’t even know they’re creepy.  For example, the handful of creepy commercials I have for you today.  I couldn’t decide on which one to...

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The Best of the Best

Some people can just never have enough. As if being a celebrity isn’t great enough, with millions of adoring fans, great houses, great cars and a load of money in the bank, some are not only brilliant at what they do, whether it...

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The Most Infamous Casino Heists

Hollywood movies may show Casino heists and stings to be loads of fun, complete with endless smart dialogue and crowds of good looking people in suits pulling off daredevil and highly unrealistic inside jobs. The reality, you...

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