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What is wrong with America:

Marty Abbott is our newset writer.  He is pretty mad at the car companies right now, so until he seems happy about something (or until he picks an avatar) I am going to use that banner pic for him.  Also, kudos to someone using...

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YouTuesday – Creepy Commercials

Some of the creepiest things I’ve ever come across are things that don’t even know they’re creepy.  For example, the handful of creepy commercials I have for you today.  I couldn’t decide on which one to...

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Someone in your Corner

Everybody understands what a coach does, and can probably even name a few famous ones.  From Béla Károlyi to Pat Riley to Mike Ditka, these individuals provide support to athletes and help them achieve their potential to...

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Agent Acadia Takes a Vacation

Summer vacation.  For once, Acadia was taking it easy and there didn’t seem to be an assassin lurking in the bushes or hanging from the roof or hiding in his shoe.  Peace and quiet.  That’s why he came to Hawaii every year and...

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