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Tag: Conan O’Brien

Adios Sweet Ginger

Vange is BLUE (from Conan sadness): You got screwed.  I’ve loved you for years.  You will be fine.  I love that you played Surrender by Cheap Trick during the “look back on the last seven months” montage.  And...

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Where’s Leno?

It’s been a week of Conan O’Brien on the Tonight Show. I’ve seen like five minutes, when he brought out the year 3000 bit (seemed the same as when he was on later!), so I won’t opine on his first week,...

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Conan cares none for your ice

The NHL Stanley Cup Final is starting this Saturday. Yes, they are still playing hockey. No, you are probably not giving a damn. This ain’t a who’s who of the match-up between the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh...

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