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I Have You Figured Out, Chris Brown

Chris Brown tweeted another picture of himself with Rhianna and they sure do look happy.  I have been studying the banner pic and all the other ones of the two of them together since he pounded her face in.  I was thinking that...

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Be Afraid – Evil Keychains!

Apparently the Internet doesn’t want you to talk to anyone at a gas station.  Ever.  For any reason. This is from Center, Texas, but this is very serious. Shelby County Clerk’s office There is a syndicate of criminals...

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Be scared of this now! BURUNDANGA!

I love when emails are intended to scare you.  By the way, may I offer you my business card? Ladies: Pass this to friends and daughters!  snopes verified.  scarey stuff. Police Warning (Send to Everyone) People are R E A L L Y...

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