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Death Defying Links 10-26-11

Mark Hamill is retiring from the best role he ever played. 24 new technologies you’ll see by 2021 “He was stark naked with cooking oil all over him.” 8 films that should’ve used their alternate endings....

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Death Defying Links 10-19-11

25 actors you didn’t know appeared in Star Trek. A bike that runs on crap?  Oh, Japan.  I can’t quit you. Fans at a hockey game boo an anti-cancer commercial because it features the opposing team’s players. ...

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Death Defying Links 10-12-11

In celebration of Halloween, AMC’s scariest movie moments and scenes. The only good that can come from these creepy masks is being able to sleep on the job and not get caught.  Maybe. Google+ traffic drops by 60%.  Normal...

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