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Tag: Earning Every Penny

Villafane Studios Pumpkins #4

Well, we’re down to the wire here folks.  Halloween is next Thursday!  I hope you’ve got all your stuff together to make it a great one.  Don’t forget about the Gallery’s costume contest!  In the...

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Villafane Studios Pumpkins #3

Halloween is just a mere two weeks away, folks.  I hope you have your costume picked out.  I also hope you’ve made your trip to the grocery store and got a pumpkin or two to carve.  And hey, speaking of pumpkin carving,...

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Villafane Studios Pumpkins #2

If you missed the first batch of Villafane Studios pumpkin art I posted last week, just click here to go back and have a look.  I promise you, you don’t want to miss any of these awesome pumpkins.  Ray Villafane and...

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Villafane Studios Pumpkins #1

I know the word is already out on Villafane Studios’ awesome pumpkin carvings.  These people have been doing awesome work for quite a few years now.  Still, because I love them so much, I’m going to run a gallery of...

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Mario Bros Cat Tree

There really are some pretty awesome cat trees out there these days, but they can get pretty expensive.   If your cat tree budget is limited, I would suggest doing what the people in today’s pic did.  They went and bought...

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I Need This Chandelier

The folks at have outdone themselves on this one.  They gathered all their excess NES zappers and created what is surely the greatest chandelier ever.  It does make me a little sad to see zappers being used for...

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Summer's Best Reads

I can’t claim to know much about the 50 Shades of Grey books but I hear that they’re pretty much porn for people too prude to just watch porn.  If that’s the case, I have questions about what’s going on...

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Another Questionable Tattoo

I can’t really begin to guess what the circumstances leading to this guy getting this terribly questionable tattoo were, but I’m willing to bet drugs of some kind were involved. Either that or he really, really likes...

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The Line-Up

There’s one of those big music festivals headed to town.  Have you got your tickets yet?  I haven’t but I probably will soon if I can’t score tickets off the radio.  The station that’s sponsoring the...

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Slow Work Day

It happens from time to time.   Some people prefer it to a hectic work day, some don’t.  It all depends on how you pass the time.  A slow work day plus nothing to do can make for an agonizingly long day.  Fortunately, all...

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