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You're Fired

Today’s pic is actually a gif.  In it you’ll see what happens when driving a forklift goes horribly, horribly wrong.  It makes me glad that when I had a job driving a forklift around, it was an outside job with...

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Failed Attempts at Popular Memes

I happened upon last night and rather than look at the most popular pics the site had to offer, I instead decided to peruse the newest pics they had.   What I found was some of the worst attempts to be funny...

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YouTuesday – Kung Fu Auditions

Today I have a video of some real martial artists showing off their awesome kung fu prowess.  The name of the video is “Kung Fu Auditions” but I’m not exactly sure what they are auditioning for.  One thing is...

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Note to Self

When you have things scheduled to happen on certain days, it’s best to try and remember them.  Tie a string around your finger, write yourself a note, etc.  While sometimes the thing you needed to remember and forgot can...

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YouTuesday – Moto Go Round

I’ve been charged with a new weekly post here at the Gallery.  Every Tuesday, I’ll be posting a YouTube video for you.  Going with the theme a lot of weekly posts here have of having the day included in the title,...

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The Not So Perfect Getaway

These guys had it all planned out.  Tinted windows.  No license plate.  The driver positioned the car to where he could speed off immediately.  A man emerged from the car wearing a hat and kept his head down as he walked past...

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Introducing Mr. Cool ICE

Tattoos can really make a person look intimidating.  Anyone out there remember the pro wrestler Bam Bam Bigelow?  Dude had freaking flames covering his entire head.  While not the best way to ensure employment in any other field...

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