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I Want to Hug Jennifer Aniston

Not just for all the obvious reasons but also because she is all nervous about seeing stupid Brad Pitt.  The poor thing.  She is hiring a “Confidence Coach”. Jennifer Aniston is so scared of facing her ex-husband...

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Woman Crush Wednesday- Stacy Keibler

  If ever there was a woman I would want to unleash an atomic elbow across my collarbone it would be this girl.  Standing tall at 5’11 she has legs all the way up to her ummm Pecan Sandies (shameless Keibler Elf cookie...

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George Clooney-ESP

I think the only thing I can say about George Clooney is that he is the only genuine movie star I can think of.  Sure he started out on TV but who cares.  Now he can do whatever he wants.  Think about it.  He’s like the...

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