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Gleecap: Heart

This week, on Glee… Will says the Glee club needs money, but the issue is resolved when Sugar donates to the Glee club. Artie and Rory both want Sugar to be their Valentine. Rachel’s dads finally make an appearance,...

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Gleecap: The Spanish Teacher

  Just a quick word: I apologize for the Michael recap delay. It was both my fault, and the site admin’s. We were just testing your loyalty, really. Anyway, here come the bulletpoints. Will performs La Cucaracha for...

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GLEEcap: Michael

Since you people are apparently illiterate pussies, and could not deal with a full recap, I did bullet points this time. The points are not in chronological order, nor are they funny, but, hey, your ADHD won’t be offended...

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GLEEcap: Yes/No

We are immediately thrown into a song, Summer Nights from Grease. The girls are begging Mercedes for all the details on her summer romance with Sam, and I call bullsh*t. We’re in January. Mercedes has been sitting in the...

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