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Is this the new Wayne Manor?

This is apparently the Ransom Gillis mansion in Detroit and according to Batman News it might be the new Wayne Manor in the Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice movie.  Sort of looks like crap but I have to assume they know what...

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Don’t mind me, Just having a G+ wank

A few months back, Google mentions their :: super secret clubhouse you must know the handshake stand in line behind the ropes beta social network launch :: that you can technically join but ONLY if you have an invite (until...

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Google Music Beta

So, I woke up to an invite from Google for their Google Music Beta this morning. Some of you are probably asking what the hell Google Music is and why you should care. To that I say: It’s a cloud-based (ooooh, buzz words)...

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Google Image Search Changes Interface

I disapprove. I am a creature of habit and I live very happily in ruts. Changing shit up like this does not please me. I rely on GIS, as do most of us, for damn near everything. I hate BING and the new Google Image Search...

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Google Loves Us in Strange Ways.

Everyone wants to do well in Google.  There is an entire industry devoted to getting you to the first page of Google for this keyword phrase or that keyword phrase.  And I guess sometimes we try.  If you google Cameron Diaz Feet...

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Google: No Longer BETA

The damn shame of this move is that I have yet to really figure out what they mean by BETA. Google has finally decided to ditch that pesky beta tag on several of its major projects. After five years of use, Gmail is apparently...

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