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Winter Classic 2011

Isn’t that sweet. Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby making nice for the camera during the ceremonial puck drop for The Winter Classic. I guess the young stars, the poster children for the NHL, have grown up a bit. They did...

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O Canada!

Sid the Kid pulled it off last night.  Love him as the Next Great One or revile him as an over-hyped, high-sticking, privileged shitbird, he came through for Canada giving them the gold on the last night of home soil Winter...

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This might get me to watch hockey

Greg Ostertag is a tall dude. You know this because you have seen him play basketball and were like, “damn, that white boy is big and about to have his shot blocked by a guard.” Now, Greg Ostertag wants to play some...

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Conan cares none for your ice

The NHL Stanley Cup Final is starting this Saturday. Yes, they are still playing hockey. No, you are probably not giving a damn. This ain’t a who’s who of the match-up between the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh...

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