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Podcaturday this week will be presented in bullet points! Jenny Beans is a fool.  Listen to her prove it.  She also killed a lady at Rite-Aid.  No joke. Jimmy Melzer prefers that you call him Jimmy. Google Plus is awesome. Tune...

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Podcaturday – TRAPS!

That pic is the sushi bar in the Jetblue terminal in JFK.  I was there last night.  Not in the sushi bar, in the terminal.  Do you know any happy stories that start with: “I had sushi at the airport”?  But I was...

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Call Us – 206-888-1710

OK so on Podcaturday this morning I fucked up the voice mails thing and we didn’t get to play them – so we hatched a plot to have a second show tomorrow with just voice mails.  That means we need more voice mails or...

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