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Tag: Josh Gates

Happy Cookie de Mayo

Yep, I’m back again with more Josh Gates awesomeness. It’s been awhile, but that’s because I got rid of cable. I was tired of shelling out $150 a month for something I barely watched. It was a waste of money,...

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Late to the True Blood Bandwagon

Well, it’s official. Josh Gates has been knocked out of my number one spot and replaced with the Swedish hotness that is Alexander Skarsgard. Josh, I apologize for this recent turn of events. If you want to blame anyone,...

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Destination Truth A Week Behind #2

I must apologize for the shortness of this post. It wasn’t what I had planned on . Unfortunately, I was struck with a nasty case of dysentery while traveling with Josh and the rest of the DT Brat Pack to a foreign country,...

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