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LOST Spoilers in the comments – be warned. OK, so I guess I can’t really spoil anything about tonight’s episode, but I’m sure I could probably whip out something that would wreck it for someone who...

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Lost Forum Pod Cat

Since tonight is LOST night and I am proving to some NAYSAYER that making pod cats is so easy that even I can do it, I decided to do one about Lost.  Kind of.  I mean, my “less than a minute” rule is pretty rough. ...

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Maggie Grace is who?

Remember LOST?  I know you might forget about it once in a while because it is only on once every 3 years now.  But I bet you don’t forget the chicks on it.  Kate…Juiet…Hurley’s mom.  But you probably...

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Lost University?

ABC is launching its own “Lost University,” details of which are beginning to trickle out. Check out the very cool web presence at’s Lost site, filled with course descriptions (“Introductory...

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Well, that was certainly crazy…

Here’s the one thing I know absolutely about last night’s episode: That was the best “What’s in the Box?” revealing since Seven. Otherwise, that shit was crazy. What I liked best about the episode...

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Lost Recap non-roundtable

So, uh, yeah. Lost was absolutely not new last night. In a loophole discovered by some asshole, ABC apparently figured they could sell us on like 15 straight weeks of new Lost episodes even if one of the episodes is just a clip...

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